The Chrysler Pacifica has already made minivans cool, but now it is going to make minivans driverless. Google and Fiat Chrysler have announced a plan to create driverless cars together. 

Fiat is going to supply Google with 100 Chrysler Pacifica vans, and Fiat is going to provide engineers to work with Google to integrate Google's driverless technology into these vans. 

Google is already doing testing and refining on its driverless tech, but now they want to add more cars and vans to the mix. Google wants to be able to do more road testing and the Chrysler Pacifica wants to be tested!

Google's head of self-driving cars, John Krafcik, is excited for the opportunity to work with Fiat engineers to hopefully accelerate the efforts of developing a completely self-driving car. 

Both Google and Fiat Chrysler are still free to work with other companies to develop driverless technology, but right now it seems that they are both already ahead of the self-driving pack!