The history of a brand always ties back to the people that use it. Jeep first started when they created the Willys MB, a light reconnaissance vehicle, for military use during World War II. After the war, Jeep realized that these vehicles could be revamped for civilians to use on any adventures they might want to experience.

Jeep vehicles then became known for their off-road capabilities and their tough nature. This was the brand that was ready for any adventure you could throw its way. Now, 75 years later, Jeep has been asking its vehicles owners to share their stories of their adventures in their Jeeps.

One story features Jeremy, Genieva and their chocolate lab Kai. These three decided to go on a road trip in the Grand Canyon. With their Jeep Wrangler as their guide they got to a place that overlooked the canyon at sunset. There Jeremy proposed so they could continue going on Jeep adventures for the rest of their lives as husband and wife.

For some, in addition to the adventure, Jeep vehicles help you spend more time with your people. Laurie Corwin describes how Jeep is just part of the family. In fact, there are now three generations of Jeep Patriots in her family with her daughter and mother each having one of their own.

It's pretty clear that Jeep is beyond just a brand. It is a celebration of adventure, fun and family. Jeep is busy building a legacy. If you want to try out that legacy for yourself, you can check out your local Jeep dealer.